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22 Mountain Summits with Prominence of 1,500 meters or greater

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Compiled 2005-06 by Jonathan de Ferranti with assistance from John Biggar and Aaron Maizlish.

This is one of eight lists that cover the known ultra-prominences for South America.  This project represents original research into accurate elevations and prominence of the world's major summits, employing both new data sources and published topographic materials.  Parts of South America have notoriously poor information on summit elevations - values found in publication and on the internet for a given summit frequently vary by several hundred meters.  We  strive to more accurately represent elevations through interpretation of a variety of resources, including our own interpolation methods of SRTM data (see also theory section.)

South America has 208 ultra-prominences (13.6% of the world's total).  118 of these summits are in Chile and/or Argentina.  These have been segmented into three lists, as follows:

Argentina and Chile North:  Andes region north of Aconcagua.  This includes the Puna de Atacama, and the provinces of Northern Argentina. 
Note that three of the summits on the North list also appear on the Bolivia list.

Argentina and Chile Central (on this page):  The northern border of this region is the low saddle, Hito Paso de la Iglesia, near the major road and rail pass connecting Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina.  This is the key saddle for Cerro Tupungato (#1 on that list).  The 22 peaks on the Central list represent the Andes between Tupungato and the region near Puerto Montt.

Argentina and Chile South (Patagonia):  The northern border of this region is a low broad saddle near the town of Epuyén, Argentina.  This represents a line running approximately from Puerto Montt, Chile east to the Rio Chubut in Argentina.  There are an impressive 52 known ultras in the Southern region, including four island highpoints. 

For those of you interested in matters of national pride; there are 78 summits in Chile or on its borders, which ranks fifth among the nations of the world.  There are 58 summits in Argentina or on its borders, which ranks seventh in the world.  (18 summits are believed to lie exactly on the Chile/Argentina border.)  Such is the nature of prominence that deeply carved glacial landscapes are favored when the summits are also high:  Chilean Patagonia, British Columbia and Alaska have a significant amount of the world's ultra-prominent summits. 

First release: January 25, 2006

Summit Name
ID Code

1 Cerro Tupungato Argentina/Chile 6570 2765 3805 33º21'30"S 069º46'12"W SA015 21555 9071
2 Cerro Tronador Argentina/Chile 3470 2642 828 41º09'39"S 071º53'15"W SA019 11384 8668
3 Volcan Lanín Argentina/Chile 3740 2624 1116 39º38'15"S 071º30'09"W SA021 12270 8609
4 Cerro Nevado Argentina 3810 2281 1529 35º34'51"S 068º29'24"W SA033 12500 7484
5 Volcan Domuyo Argentina 4708 2228 2480 36º38'15"S 070º25'57"W SA040 15446 7310
6 Cerro Marmolejo Argentina/Chile 6108 2105 4003 33º44'06"S 069º52'42"W SA051 20039 6906
Cerro Payún
Argentina 3838 1954 1884 36º30'51"S 069º17'09"W SA082 12592 6411
Volcan Calbuco Chile 2015 1946 69 41º19'48"S 072º37'06"W SA080 6611 6384
Cerro Sosneado Argentina 5189 1936 3253 34º45'15"S 069º58'18"W SA081 17024 6352
10 Volcan Osorno Chile 2661 1898 763 41º06'15"S 072º29'45"W SA089 8730 6227
11 Volcan Llaima Chile 3125 1819 1306 38º41'45"S 071º43'54"W SA107 10253 5968
12 Sierra Velluda Chile 3535 1784 1751 37º27'48"S 071º24'57"W SA106 11598 5853 [12]
13 Cerro Cantillana Chile 2281 1784 497 33º58'00"S 070º57'57"W SA109 7484 5853
14 Picos de Barroso Chile 5180 1755 3425 34º17'12"S 070º02'00"W SA116 16995 5758 [14]
15 Volcan Tromen Argentina 3980 1721 2259 37º08'24"S 070º03'00"W SA125 13058 5646
16 Cerro Risco Plateado Argentina 4999 1602 3397 34º55'06"S 069º59'39"W SA155 16401 5256
17 Volcan Choshuenco Chile 2422 1587 835 39º55'54"S 072º01'48"W SA166 7946 5207 [17]
18 Volcan Peteroa Argentina/Chile 4084 1575 2509 35º16'21"S 070º34'54"W SA174 13399 5167
19 Volcan Villarrica Chile 2860 1575 1285 39º25'15"S 071º56'21"W SA175 9383 5167
20 Nevado el Plomo Argentina/Chile 6070 1550 4520 33º06'12"S 070º03'57"W SA264 19914 5085
21 Cerro Colina Argentina/Chile 5385 1550 3835 33º57'48"S 069º51'12"W SA195 17667 5085
22 Volcan Lonquimay Chile 2865 1524 1341 38º22'51"S 071º35'12"W SA204 9399 5000 [22]

Further notes on data methods for South America can be found at the South America Ultras Introduction Page.

[12] Sierra Velluda.  Our analysis indicates that this is much higher than the published 3385 meter elevation.

[14] Picos de Barroso.  Our analysis indicates that this is probably higher than the published 5113 meter elevation.

[17] The summit of Choshuenco is called Volcan El Mocho, another summit named V. Choshuenco is slightly lower.   V. Choshuenco is also spelled V. Shoshuenco.

[22] V. Lonquimay.  Our analysis indicates that this is much higher than the published 2726 meter elevation.