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First Edition:  August 6, 2007

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The Nevada P2000s:

Nevada has 172 mountain summits with 2,000 feet (609m) of prominence.  Nevada ranks second in the US, behind Alaska, and ahead of California, Montana, and Washington.  This makes Nevada the "Most Mountainous" state in the country, at least by this measure.

The first listing of the Nevada P2000s, was completed in 2003 by Edward Earl, Aaron Maizlish, and Andy Martin.    Information about the nationwide P2000 summits is on the US P2000 homepage.

The Nevada P2000 list

Map of the Nevada P2000s

Map of Nevada P2000 Lineage Cells

If you are making progress towards hiking the summits on this list, then you can track your own progress by registering (free) at, and keep track of the leaders on the Prominence Front Runner List.

The Nevada P1000s

Nevada has 647 summits with 1000' of expected prominence.  The listings and maps are included with the 500s, below.   The ratio of 1000s to 2000 is only 3.8:1, much lower than California (5.9:1).

The Nevada P500s

Data Summary:  

There are 2,536 summits in Nevada with 500' or more of expected prominence (error range peaks with less than 500' of expected prominence are not tracked).   This atlas now has maps showing the location of all summits, and will have lists at some point in the future.

The data is organized along the same principles as the California Mountain Atlas.  It would be helpful for you to first understand the concepts of lineage groups and lineage cells.  The data is built around this hierarchy, without regard to county boundaries. 

The state is divided into ten Lineage Groups:

Arc Dome
White CA (small fragment)

Orientation Map for Nevada 10 Lineage Groups

It is important to note that these groups (as with California) do not perfectly match P5000 cells, although they come fairly close.  This is in order to make logical groupings within the state.  The differences between P5000 lineage cells and the atlas groups are as follows:  Pilot Peak combines with Matterhorn.  Star Peak combines with Arc.  Ibapah UT (fragment) and Moriah combine with Wheeler.  Matterhorn has been given its own group, even though it has 4,708' prominence.  It is a logical break at the Humboldt River, that divides the massive Schell cell in half.
All mountains in the atlas belong to one unique lineage cell.

The Nevada P500 Maps

Arc Group  
445 Summits

Map:  Arc - Northeast
Cells:  Bald, Callaghan, Fagin, Lewis, Pinon, Roberts, Saddle, Tenabo

Map:  Arc - Northwest
includes Star Peak P5000
Cells:  Augusta, Buffalo, Cain, Cotton, Granite, Job, Moses, New Pass, North, Sonoma, Star, Tholem, Tobin

Map:  Arc - South
Cells:  11085, Arc Dome, Bunker, Cleaver, Desatoya, Fairview, Ferguson, North Shoshone, Pilot, Sherman, Toiyabe Dome

Charleston Group

127 Nevada Summits  (+227 in California)

Map of Charleston Group
Cells:  Charleston, McCullough, Potosi, Spirit

Hayford Group
114 Summits

Map of Hayford Group
Cells:  Arrow, Frenchman, Gass, Hayford, Muddy

Jefferson Group
441 Nevada Summits (+ 68 in California)

Map:  Jefferson - Kawich
Cells: Belted, Kawich, Reveille

Map:  Jefferson - North
Cells:  Diamond, Jefferson, Monitor, Moody, Morey, Ninemile, Portuguese, Prospect, Rawhide, San Antonio, Shoshone, Summit, Wildcat

Map:  Jefferson - West
Cells:  Bare, Blue Dick, Gold, Grapevine, Lone, Piper, Stonewall

Lassen CA Group (fragment)
124 Summits

Map:  Lassen Group
Cells:  Big, Bilk, Black Rock, Donnelly, Duffer, Fox, Granite, Hays, Trout Creek

Matterhorn Group
404 Summits

Map:  Matterhorn - East
includes Pilot Peak

Cells:  Ellen D, Goshute, Knoll, Matterhorn, Murdock, Pilot, S Pequop, Tabor, Toano, White Horse, Wood

Map:  Matterhorn - Granite
Cells:  Adam, Bloody Run, Blue, Cone, Hot Springs, Kelly Creek, Granite, Santa Rosa, Sixmile, Slumbering

Map:  Matterhorn - Jackson

Cells:  Black, Eugene, Hannan, Jackson, Juniper1, Juniper2, King Lear, Kumiva, Majuba, Pah-Rum, Seven Troughs, Tohakum, Trinity

Map:  Matterhorn - McAfee
Cells:  Adobe, Beaver, Marys, McAfee, McCann, Merritt, Nannies, Pine, Porter, Wilson

Schell Group
651 Summits

Map:  Schell - Cherry Creek
Cells:  10459, Cherry, Ray, Spruce

Map:  Schell - Grafton
Cells:  Chokecherry, Dutch John, Grafton, Highland, Major, S Pahroc, Silver

Map:  Schell - North Schell
Cells:  Baldy, Becky, Dolly Varden, N. Schell

Map:  Schell - Ruby
Cells:  Big Bald, Buck, Elko, High Bald, Hole, Pearl, Ruby

Map:  Schell - Troy
Cells:  Badger, Bald, Blue Eagle, Irish, Quinn, Seaman, Troy, Worthington

Map:  Schell - Ward
Cells:  9823, 10154, Butte, Currant, Egan, Hamilton, Ward

Map:  Schell - Wilson
Cells:  Fortification, Jumbo, Mormon, Virgin, Wilson

Wheeler Group
46 Summits

Map:  Wheeler Group
Cells:  Kern, Moriah, Wheeler

White Mtn CA Group (fragment)
14 Nevada Summits

Map:  White Mtn Group
Cells:  Dubois CA, Miller

Whitney CA Group (fragment)
170 Nevada Summits

Map:  Whitney Group North
Cells:  Davidson, Dogskin, Peavine, Pedersen, Rose, State Line, Tule, Virginia

Map:  Whitney Group South
Cells:  Bald, Garfield, Grant, Siegel