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Channel Islands, Santa Barbara County

Map of all P500 summits on the cell:      Northern Channel Islands Cell Map

List of all P500 summits on the cell:

The Devils cell has seven summits including four on Santa Cruz Island, and the highpoints of Santa Rosa, San Miguel and Anacapa Islands.

edited: February 26, 2005
Rank Summit Elevation E(e) Prominence Saddle S(e) Lat. Long.

1 Devils Peak 2470
2470 0
34º01'45"N 119º47'04"W [1]
2 HP Santa Rosa Island 1589
1589 0
33º56'43"N 120º07'03"W
3 "El Montañon"
1808 42
1308 500 50 34º01'05"N 119º34'29"W [3]
4 HP Anacapa Island 930
930 0
34º00'39"N 119º25'40"W
5 HP San Miguel Island 831
831 0
34º01'59"N 120º21'52"W
6 BM Alta 2 2167
667 1500 50 34º02'25"N 119º50'38"W
7 Sierra Blanca 1523
573 950 50 33º58'49"N 119º49'15"W

[1]  Devils Peak:  This peak is on Nature Conservancy property.  It is reachable by advance permit.  The benchmark (EW8071) indicates an elevation of 2470.  With the new datum the elevation should be 2474.  The earlier published elevation of 2475' is probably an interpolation of the 50' contour interval.

[3]  El Montañon:  This is the highest point of the eastern part of Santa Cruz Island, which belongs to the National Park Service.  The name appears on NPS maps but not the USGS 7.5" map.  A May 2004 visit by Richard Carey, Edward Earl, Andy Martin and Gerry Roach et. al. indicates that the 1800-1850' contour 500' to the NW of BM 1808 is the true high point.  They estimate the actual high point at 1813'.